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Contact us

BelieveGod Asia Inc. 
Business Hours: Mon-Fri (10:00-19:00)
Tel: +886+2+82811632
Email: lowridertaipei@gmail.com

Believe God Inc.'s open letter

Dear Sir
Believe God is WWE official consumer product licensee for Taiwan, Hong Kong andSingapore.

They are using their facebook to promoteWWE licensed product,

All the licensed products that Believe Godmarketed are approved by WWE creative team at

Stanford HQ office.


we are Believe God Inc.WWE lawfullyauthorized Peripheral related producd companyin

Taiwan.We had a Fan Page"BelieveGod-wwe store"on Facebook

Facebook Fan Page named:"BelieveGod-wwe store"
We have ads on Google AdWords
Weekly fixed on FACEBOOK purchase advertising


Believe God Inc.

General manager


Company Email: lowridertaipei@gmail.com